Now that the holidays are in full swing, it’s time to think about end-of-year employee rewards. Choosing the right gift can be a challenge, not to mention getting that gift to your employees quickly—before the holidays are over.

The good thing? Gift cards. According to the 2015 Gyft Pulse Trend Report, a gift card research survey of over 1,000 adults throughout the U.S., gift cards are the #1 requested employee reward. Whether you’re looking for a great gift for a large or small team, celebrating the end of a successful year, or just looking to build team spirit, gift cards are an excellent way to reward employees while increasing engagement.

Here at Gyft, we’ve put together four fun and memorable ways to reward your employees with gift cards at this year’s office holiday party. Take a look:

  1. Team Treasure Hunt

Create office teams and send everyone out on a one-hour treasure hunt, taking pictures along the way. The first team to accomplish each action wins gift cards!

  1. Murder Mystery Party

Everyone loves a good mystery. If you have the budget, hire murder mystery actors to create a fun sense of theater. If that isn’t in your budget, ask some core members of your staff to get into character. The first team to solve the murder mystery wins gift cards!

  1. Bingo!

Bingo is an informal, fast, and easy way to have fun with a large group of people. Play bingo at your event and have multiple winners! Each winner gets to pick a gift card.

  1. Secret Santa/White Elephant Party

Some Secret Santa parties can get so competitive, they end up feeling like a reality show. But they can also be lots of fun. Set up a “nice” gift exchange for your employees and try one of the following:

  • The Nice White Elephant: Print out each gift card and wrap each one in an individual box or gift bag. One by one, team members can choose to keep or trade each package until everyone has had a turn. Then, everyone opens their gift at the same time.
  • The Free Secret Santa: Each employee (at no cost to them) receives one gift card to spend on his or her Secret Santa. At the holiday party, everyone reveals their Secret Santa and exchanges gifts.


Get your gift cards quickly and easily

With the Gyft Corporate bulk gift card platform, you can purchase all the gift cards you need for your rewards, then send them instantly to a list of recipients. Or you can send them to yourself, to distribute when you’re ready. Your employees will receive their gift cards in an email that’s personalized with your own company branding.  


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Enjoy a completely customized experience

Want an even more customized gift card experience? Choose the Gyft Corporate white-label API. The API lets you create a gifting and redemption flow that looks like your own organization created it. Contact us at to get started!